The fashion industry is one of the fast-moving and quickly growing industries. This quick change in the customer demand and preferences forces the brands to keep up with the trends and changes to be in the industry. Here are 5 new trends in fashion retail:

The craze for sale: The percentage of the sale of goods at full retail price is very less. While the sale increases when retailers sell the same goods at the sale price. This states that consumers are more likely to purchase the items in a sale than at regular price And therefore the brands have to keep up with the sale tradition.

Social shopping: These days social media channels like Instagram, tik tok, Facebook are attracting a huge number of customers. Influencers are promoting brands and different fashion trends every day. Fashion Retailers are joining hands with these influencers as this is a great promotional technique to draw customers and increase sales.

Body fashion trends: The days have gone when people used designer apparel to showcase their fashion sense. Nowadays, tattoos, ear piercing, different and unique hair colors, accessories, and even lip piercing are in the show. The body is being used to stand out in the realm of fashion.

Streetwear on the stage: Streetwear was one of the most cherished apparel during the lockdown last year. Many luxury brands like Louis Vuitton rattled on the streetwear bandwagon by including streetwear styles to appeal to the fashion-loving millennials with more disposable income. 

Enhanced customer engagement: Customers are king. Customer engagement is one of the primary necessities of the company and it needs to be fulfilled to be in the race. Retailers are required to pick every possible way to connect with customers, engage with them and entertain them. 

The global fashion and apparel industry has seen some significant transformations over the past year. The industry has to drive its efforts with the flow of the trends and keep on evolving with the customer’s demand.

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