A few months later, a fashion influencer said in his tweet,” The longer we stay in this pandemic, the more our relationship with fashion will evolve”. The COVID virus has upended just about every part of our daily life. Till now, almost everything related to us has somehow been affected by a coronavirus.

Here are the five changes in the fashion and beauty industry.

  1. False Lashes

False eyelashes, which averaged 15 percent increases in week-over-week sales in May as businesses in many parts of the country began to reopen, according to market research firm NPD Group. Mascara sales, meanwhile, grew 11 percent in the same period, while demand for eyebrow products jumped 5 percent. Sales of lip products, meanwhile, fell 5 percent in May. After all, Jensen said, nobody wants lipstick smudges inside their masks.

  • Goodbye, high heels and stiff dress shoes

“High heels are way down,” said Beth Goldstein, a footwear analyst for NPD. some women out there are dying to put their heels back on. Slipper sales doubled in April, as Americans splurged on higher-priced options such as fur-lined Ugg products.

  • A Return To Basics

Malls are reopening, but don’t expect to see racks filled with seasonal trends. With money tighter, retailers and consumers are loading up on evergreen basics and neutrals.

“The biggest upcoming change is going to be the propensity toward value,” said Marshal Cohen, a retail analyst.

  • Shorter Hemlines

Fashion is heading in the opposite direction, away from maxi dresses and floor-sweeping skirts. “When business gets bad, you need to make a bold statement to get people to buy something new”.

  • Even More Casual Wear

America has been retreating from blazers and ties for years, and analysts expect to see more athletic wear and casual attire at the office even after the pandemic is over. Think hoodies paired with blazers, and sweatpants with silky tops.

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