Whether you’re ready to foray into the fashion world for the first time or are looking for a change from your current role in the industry, there is more than one way to find that perfect fashion job. You can post your resume online via business social media sites, job search websites, and other locations.

While these can all help you land the ideal position in the fashion industry, working with a fashion recruiter can bring you many benefits as a job candidate.

Benefits of Recruiters

Fashion retail recruiters have an intimate understanding of what’s involved in finding the ideal position. Not only can they negotiate on your behalf, but they can also offer interview help and save you time.

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You’re Not on Your Own

When you work alone to find a fashion job, you are doing all of the work of editing your resume, creating job site accounts, posting your ads and replying to offers. However, by working with a fashion recruiter, you’re working with someone who has the skills and knowledge to do the work of matching your qualifications to the right job.


Another talent that fashion recruiters possess is that of negotiation. Unfortunately, when economic times are not ideal, employers may be hesitant to offer more in the way of benefits, bonuses, and salaries.

However, you can realize your ideal salary and benefits, even if the economy doesn’t seem very friendly when you have a fashion recruitment agency acting on your behalf.

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When you’re already working or going to school and need to also start looking for a new job or your first career, a retail fashion recruiter can certainly save you a lot of time. The expertise that fashion recruiters possess mean they know how to ensure your job search stays fresh around the clock. Fashion recruiters can make it so that the ideal job finds you, and not the other way around, which also saves you time.

Interview Knowledge

In addition to their job search skills, fashion recruiters also know what it takes to land and succeed in an interview. Whether you’re wondering what to wear or how to ask or answer those tough questions, a recruiter has the knowledge to ease your nerves and ensure you are prepared for anything.

More Options

Having a fashion recruiter on your side can also help you to access a higher number of opportunities. For example, if you’re not sure whether you’re seeking a part or full-time position or you want to play the field and see what you like, a recruiter can find and present you with a wide range of choices.

A Smaller Pool

Working with a fashion recruiter takes you out of the sea of candidates and places you in a smaller pool. This increases your chances of being seen and chosen from a small stack of resumes instead of having to compete with one or two hundred other candidates.

The Inside Track

Fashion retail job recruitment agencies also have an inside track; it’s very likely that they know both hiring or human resources managers. This means your resume gets put in front of the right person right away, and by someone who is, in essence, playing the role of your own personal cheerleader. Indeed, your recruiter may have hundreds of contacts, allowing for more opportunities if other applications don’t pan out.

In addition to knowing managers, recruiters may also have the inside track on jobs which may not even have been published. Some companies prefer to keep their available positions private for many reasons. However, when you know about these opportunities, you can interview for them.

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You Don’t Pay Up Front

The number-one goal of every fashion recruiter is to get you hired. They don’t get paid until and unless they do this. Usually, it’s the company that hires you who will pay placement fees to the recruiter; job seekers can benefit at no cost from these professional services.

No-Cost Bonuses

In addition to matching you with the perfect position, a recruiter also offers several benefits at no additional cost. They can offer you strategic career guidance, helping you to formulate a map of your career goals.

Recruiters can also give you a complete history of the company or companies you’re applying for. Not only that, but recruiters can give you professional advice on your resume after a thorough analysis.

Market Trends

Keeping up with market trends can be difficult if you’re not using a retail recruiting firm, are at another job, or are currently attending school. A fashion recruiter can provide the insights into fashion and market trends and, also, is able to provide you with what to expect in terms of salary and the required skill set, and even provide information about company culture so that you can determine whether you’re a good fit.

How to Work with a Fashion Recruiter

An external fashion recruiter is working for you. They are your ally and, as such, should know all about your concerns, experience, and career interests. If one of your concerns is the issue of gaps in your past employment, for example, a recruiter can help ensure your resume presents you in the best light.

The best way to work with a fashion recruiter is to build a strong relationship with them.  When you have this kind of relationship with your recruiter, it can help your career. So, how do you go about building a strong relationship? The same way you would build any other relationship.

The first step is to include them. Ensure that you connect with them via LinkedIn. Include them on your holiday mailing lists. If you know some top-performing executives who are also looking, refer them to your fashion recruiter.

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Have Realistic Expectations

Despite all that a fashion recruiter can do for you, there are some things that they shouldn’t be expected to do. For example, if you need help deciding what you want to do for a fashion career,  you shouldn’t expect a fashion recruitment agency to help you.

It is true that a recruiter will work hard to match you with the right employer. However, it is expected that you will make the same effort. How do you do this? By ensuring that you promptly return their calls, always be professional with them, and attend the interviews they set up for you, to name a few. You also need to be honest and act with integrity.

You should know that a recruiter cannot make anyone hire you; all they can do is communicate the benefits of hiring you to a company. They are also not part of any company’s hiring process.

As well, a fashion recruiter isn’t there to assist you with finding a job on day one. They are there to assist you with finding your ideal career.

A recruiter is also not there to make you look like someone else. For instance, they are not there to erase any undesirable actions of the past, nor are they there to make you look qualified for a position when you are not.

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Where to Find Recruiters

There are several groups on LinkedIn that recruiters use to check out and connect with potential fashion industry job candidates. You’ll also want to join groups for corporations and college alumni. The best part about connecting on LinkedIn Groups is the ability to message recruiters without having to add them to your list or upgrade your membership.

Another way to find fashion recruiters is to conduct research on several retail recruiting firms to see if they offer any service that makes them stand above the rest.

The Fashion Network has been helping hundreds of candidates like you to find their dream job with a high potential for growth. They not only work with companies located in the New York City area but also with those located worldwide. If you’re seeking a job in the fashion industry, The Fashion Network can help; call 212-575-5898 for more information.

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