The surge in the practice of the internet and its accessibility have appeared in the expansion of the e-commerce business.  Recently, the pandemic has shaken the whole industry, but somewhere the e-commerce industry has witnessed a boom.

China’s fashion e-commerce has observed a tremendous growth rate over the last 2 decades. Deloitte and Google consolidated, released china‚Äôs fashion e-commerce global growth report of 2020 which bestows the country has expanded its fashion e-commerce business to a magnificent extent. It has adopted a unique model called DTC which is a Direct to Customer approach which is eventually motivating every business to sell across. The report has revealed a few reasons behind the germination.

The demand for Chinese fashion products overseas

The United States is the most robust economy sustaining in the world. Having people so obsessed with fashionable items such as pieces of jewelry, footwear, apparel, accessories, etc, the requirement for Chinese products is invariably rising, making it the destination of Chinese entrepreneurs. Due to brand and reliable quality, purchases and repurchases are often testified.

Unique business models

 China strives to follow three major models such as traffic oriented, product-oriented, and brand-oriented model. These models promote the companies who are expanding their business globally.

Brand Building

 More and more locus is furnished in intensifying the brand so as to drill the consumer insight. Using the brand-oriented model under which the brand acts as a synergist, companies triumphantly establish their brand globally which ultimately favors their products.

Move as per audience

 Chinese company through the DTC strategy have successfully made their way abroad. They examine the market, changing demand, taste, and preference, competition, price, etc to optimize their product accordingly. Such acumens further encourage them to capture a large portion of consumers.

Bottom Line

Organized supply chains and processes have made a significant contribution to the maturity of the industry. While pandemic has ruined the status of many industries, e-commerce industries flourished. The chance of hitting other countries, especially the United States, was a terrific idea by the china fashion e-commerce industry to sustain and take their development to next level.

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