You will surely find fashion related essentials in the wardrobe of anyone who is interested in fashion. Ever since covid-19 arrived in March 2020, you must have seen everyone walking out wearing face masks. Medical stores or online marketplaces were disposable, dull gray or green in color. For some time they were well matched with surgical scrubs or hazmat suits. You started using them to maintain your health; you assured yourself that it is not fashion.

But as the pandemic spread around the world, and face masks became mandatory for all, fashion brands jumped at the opportunity to make them reusable and more stylish. Be it a pin-striped formal, loungewear, your trusty dress or even your wedding dress.

If you’re a model you must be posing for a street style photoshoot or going out on a run and want to look put together enough to grab a coffee afterwards, rock one of these mask trends and You’re set. Before long, you might even want to wear them with your favorite look.

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