Recommence is a great choice for enterprises as you can re-sell pre-owned items in the market. Re-commerce helps your consumers to utilize the resources in their own way. Nowadays industries are using recommence tools, so that they can know whether the goods are safe or not. It is also called resale commerce. It is a business model built with the idea of reusing the product.

Nowadays it refers to the sale of previously used or owned items through online marketplaces. Southeast Asia accounts for the bulk of the recommerce market. Re-commerce currently represents a $73 billion market in the fashion world and is expected to grow to $700 billion by 2030 (23% of the market), that is It is growing at a very high rate. Online marketplaces require recommerce brands such as RealReal, Depop, and Poshmark to list items on their site or mobile app for resale. Through this site you get value on commission basis as many products are sold.

  In today’s online marketplace, you can resell anything you want. Such as: brand name clothing, shoes, designer handbags, jewellery, vintage products, electronics, video games, photo frames etc.

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