We can think of the term fast fashion in many different ways such as rapid changes in fashion, bringing cheap clothes and increasing the rate of production. In the fashion world, from our clothes to accessories, they are trending with time and with time they go into old fashion. The faster the fashion world changes, the more customers change their buying decisions. Fast fashion is beneficial as well as harmful to some extent.

One of the biggest advantages of fast fashion is a designing, producing and advertising strategy that creates a large amount of clothing in a short amount of time. For example, the European brand Zara can design, produce and even allocate new clothing to the store within a month! Zara and H&M are the most well known fashion brand names.

Due to fast fashion, there is a lot of production of cheap clothing, which has a difference in quality. Due to this, the negative impact in the supply chain increases. This includes both because of its impact on the environment and the social impact of fast fashion.

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