Today’s great fashion designers possess more than a keen eye and the skills of the trade; they also possess the characteristics necessary to successfully interact with individuals and teams. If you’re looking to add to your team, this advice from design recruiters may help you find the ideal talent.

Project Goals Come First

The ideal candidate for your fashion designer position will be one who is able to place project goals before their own. They will also be willing and able to study and gain an understanding of how the consumer thinks, leading to the ability to discern need from want.

Any designer able to accomplish this will bring a lot of value to your team because these traits will allow for continuous innovation and the production of products that are desirable to the consumer.

fashion designer posingTheir Design Is Research-Based

Along with the creative intuition a candidate possesses, you’ll also want to ensure that their talent is complemented by a healthy dose of research. When trend data is coupled with intuition, your designer’s creations will have higher quality. Should they ever need to defend their decisions, your designer will have the hard data to support their choices.

They Are Realistic and Objective

A designer that possesses the ability to be both realistic and objective will be able to identify any issues without downplaying them, which will help them to come to a feasible solution. Objectivity will make it possible for your designer to accept things as they come and assess all aspects of a situation equally.

Communication and Decision-Making Are Key

Because they will be working as an important member of one or more teams in your company, your ideal designer should know how to and be willing to communicate with other team members.

Constructive communication that clearly conveys instructions or suggestions will add positivity and value to your team. In the same vein, your designer will need to be able to make decisions about the many ideas they will be receiving from their coworkers. 

fashion design concept sketchGetting More Details About Your Candidate

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates and are ready to interview them, you’ll want to ensure you ask the right questions. It’s a good idea to have them describe their creative process, but you’ll also want to ask how they clear creative blockages. Ask about their industry and manufacturing experience as well.

Another important question to ask your candidate is how they handled previous situations where clients were displeased. Finally, the qualities they are looking for in a manager will be of the utmost importance where an ideal match is the goal.

Finding the best candidate for your company shouldn’t be a long or difficult road. The Fashion Network’s recruiters use their experience and networks to find you the right talent when you need it. A design headhunter can help you save time and money; learn how by calling to speak with one of our team members today at 212-575-5898. 

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