A corporate style that is uniquely your own can prove quite challenging and you might even feel overwhelmed. If you are looking to upgrade your corporate style, your work wardrobe, or everyday workwear, follow these 5 fashion influencers whose style will give your corporate wardrobe a fresh update.

Ama Godson

Stylist & style blogger Ama Godson never ceases to impress us with her captivating work gear. The fashionista has a flair for stylish and form-fitting suits, jumpsuits, blazers on dresses, textured tops, and fashion-forward leather fits. After perusing her Instagram feed, no matter what your vibe is, you’ll find tips on how to professionally style office wear without losing your own personal flair.

Amanda Warsavsky

 NYC-based fashion blogger Amanda Warsavsky’s claim to fame is her plan to make corporate cool. Her Instagram and blog are tailored around making corporate wear more fun.

As a personal wealth manager, Amanda understands the strict corporate dress code. Her blog offers great tips and outfits inspiration to make your blazers and pencil skirts look trendy and current, while still maintaining a professional appearance.


London-based blogger Dorothy started her blog while working full-time at an insurance company. The 9 to 5-er turn full-time blogger wanted to create a place where the modern working woman could go for stylish workwear inspiration. Dorothy also offers advice on how to beat the Monday blues, stay motivated throughout the week, and how to cope with other popular office gripes.

Yuki Akinosho 

UK-based style blogger Yuki Akinosho is one #BellaStylista that consistently brings her style A-game! Her ability to pull off form-fitted power suits and heels quite effortlessly has left us obsessed. This style blogger has cracked the secret code to look great in women’s pantsuits.

Sade Akinosho

 Style influencer and designer Sade Akinosho is easily one of the most stylish influencers. The fashionista has a very distinct sense of style that is unique to her, so much so that you can tell an outfit put together by Sade without having to see her face. Her Instagram feed has a plethora of drop-dead gorgeous workwear ensembles. 

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