The moment you realize you have a position that needs to be filled in your company can be filled with dread. Any experienced professional knows that the hiring process requires a lot of time, energy, and resources, and even if bringing in an employee will help the business, the task of finding new talent can be overwhelming. Beyond that, it is increasingly difficult to secure talent in the increasingly competitive market. Regardless of the industry you work in, as opportunities continue to pop up right and left for talented potential candidates, you will need your opening to shine against a sea of competitors who are also on the lookout for the best talent.  

Working on the hiring process on your own is possible, but you likely won’t reach the radar of a wide pool of talent. By working with a recruiter, you can ensure you are gaining access to the best talent in the most efficient way possible, and you will end the process with the best results possible. The following outlines the top reasons to use a staffing firm for your hiring needs.

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Recruiters Save Time and Money

There is a lot that goes into finding and securing talent. The job search process takes a lot of manpower: you need to craft the perfect job description, sort through resumes, host multiple rounds of interviews, deal with paperwork, and so on. You could take this on or delegate it to a member of your staff, but you and your employees already have your own daily tasks, which will then need to be balanced with the hiring process. When employees are dealing with more pressing daily tasks, they will likely need to continually put off the talent search in order to allocate their energy where it is needed most. This simply isn’t efficient when it comes to hiring—which is exactly why you need recruiters.  

Recruiters will save you and your staff not only valuable time, but money as well. A recruiter will be solely focused on the talent search process, and since they won’t need to balance that work with other tasks, they will be able to swiftly move through the hiring checklist. While you may think that using a staffing firm is out of your budget, you are actually saving money by having a professional deal with the hiring process, rather than having to pay an employee on your staff to do it. 

On top of that, a recruiter will get you higher quality candidates, which saves you time and money in the long run. They know where to find talent, how to analyze resumes and cover letters, what questions to ask a potential employee during an interview, and how to determine who is the best fit. All of these skills will mitigate the risk of having to deal with turnover in the role—which can be costly and take up even more time.

A Staffing Firm Will Fill Your Business’s Workforce Gaps Quickly

Beyond just having the knowledge and experience to move through the process more quickly than a regular employee, recruiters have valuable resources at their fingertips. The connections a recruiter cultivates with top talent in your industry is one of the top reasons to use a staffing firm. A recruiter already knows the strengths and skills of the individual professionals they have in their database, and will be able to more quickly determine whether they are a good fit for your company and the position requirements. Additionally, a recruiter will be able to pull from an already established high-quality talent pool that you otherwise would not be able to reach, and they are able to put your opportunity on their radar. Even if they do need to look beyond their own database, they will know exactly where to find the best talent, and have the skills to attract those candidates. Those open opportunities that you need employees for immediately will be filled far quicker with the expertise, dedication, and resources of a recruiter.

They Understand Your Industry

Efficiency isn’t the only reason why you need staffing firms. When it comes to hiring, you need someone who knows not just how to find talent—you need someone who knows how to find the best talent in your industry. Recruiters who are focused on your industry will know exactly what is required of potential candidates. They will know the unique skills a professional needs, as well as the applicable background they should have, so they will quickly be able to judge whether an individual is an appropriate fit for your needs. A recruiter will merge their skills with their understanding of the industry they staff to find impressive candidates for a variety of roles. By having the assistance of someone who really understands the nuances of your industry, you can feel confident that they will find the best talent for your needs.

They Will Help You Easily Adjust to the Changes in Your Industry

The demands of your business can change in an instant, and oftentimes you will need to adjust without a lot of time to prepare. You might suddenly be required to find talent for a position that you need to start next week, and likely won’t be able to easily adjust on your own. Whether you need an employee to step in for a seasonal position or a professional who you want to join long term, a staffing agency can help you adjust efficiently. They will get the most qualified candidate into the position as quickly as possible so that you can help your business run smoothly and productively.

Top Candidates Look for Opportunities Through Staffing Agencies

If you are simply posting your job opportunities on your website or job boards, the top talented professionals in your industry likely aren’t even looking at them. When a professional is on the hunt for a new job, they have to sort through a myriad of different sites for job postings. Looking for a job can become a full-time job in itself, simply because there are so many resources one has to sort through. Professionals—especially those with over three years of experience—will turn to staffing firms to help streamline the process and make it far less overwhelming. They know that a recruiter will find the best opportunities for them, so they won’t need to spend hours upon hours checking different websites for new job postings. By doing your own recruiting, your opportunities likely aren’t even being seen by some of the top talent in the industry, and you won’t be connecting with the best possible talent.

Beyond that, one of the top reasons to use a staffing firm is that recruiters have access to passive candidates—those candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new job, but could be open to a change. Someone hiring on your staff simply won’t have the time to connect with these passive candidates, or even the resources to know where to find or how to connect with them. A recruiter will give you access to these passive candidates, which will overall improve the quality of your choices.