E-Commerce in today’s world is an innovative way to interact with customers. E-Commerce is widely used because it provides great advantages to both sellers and customers. Almost everyone nowadays uses the internet and is aware of internet payment, shopping, and other various facilities. According to the present scenario, no one can say that E-Commerce is not helping fashion.
Don’t you shop for clothes online?
We all do online shopping for clothes and other fashion products. Even all big brands are selling their products on their websites so that customers can feel safe about the price and quality.
E-Commerce targets a wider audience!!
The role of e-commerce is not just limited to a boundary. It’s not just under an area, state, or country. E-Commerce runs worldwide. You have no limits when it comes to fashion and e-commerce. You can even order products from other countries all over the world.
We are convenient with this too. Even many people love online shopping more than visiting stores. They know they have 24*7 available services. They know they can search for products anytime and anywhere. They know they don’t have to deal with any employees and they have the convenience to shop with their own rules.
E-Commerce is hurting the planet
Uncountable product packets are delivered every day via e-commerce. Plastic packets are used for the packaging of products that are highly toxic to the environment and destroy the planet.
Greenhouse Gas Emission
E-commerce may also link-local suppliers and consumers. This actually may lead to an increase or decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emission from transportation, depending on modes and distance of transportation.
Are we safe?
Spending so much time on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets searching for fashion brands and products or any other e-commerce services consumes 30% of our daily routine. It affects our minds and heart. 30% sounds quite low out of 100% but when we invest 30% time on just searching for products and services every day throughout the year. It becomes a major harm for us.

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