Today’s job candidates have specific expectations about their next employer. Firms that understand these factors and know the best strategies and tools to reach them have a tremendous advantage in the job marketplace. When looking at B2B sales specifically, some organizations have a niche and individual products on the market, so finding sales talent with the necessary experience and knowledge is even more difficult. Measure for effective B2B recruitment:

Know their values

When it comes to recruiting talent, this is vital in so many ways. Knowing someone’s values encapsulates a huge amount, and you of course can’t know all of them, especially from a piece of paper and a short 20-minute interview. However, if you ask the right questions, you can find out what you need to know.


Automating the recruitment process does a world of favour in saving administrative time. An applicant tracking system (ATS) enables recruitment teams to effectively manage the various stages of the recruitment process.

Targeting and outreach

Recruitment through AI can help companies refine their candidate searches. They enable recruiters to target their desired talent attributes and narrow them down to specific titles. Using AI in the recruitment and selection process can help to discover, reach, and engage with a focus on finding the best talent.

Be thorough with references

References can sometimes fall by the wayside, especially if you’re already so convinced the candidate is excellent, a small part of you doesn’t want a reference to ruin a thing. But skipping references can be a huge mistake. To get the exceptional talent, go the extra mile and call in their references

Make sure they know what to expect

At the start of the interview, ask them what they think the job role entails- stress there is no wrong answer! This gives you insight into how much research they’ve done into your company, and how they expect to spend a day in the life.

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