The fashion industry probably isn’t about the first that comes to mind as a super user of fossil fuels. But modern textiles rely heavily on petrochemical products that come from the many oil and gas companies that drive greenhouse gas emissions. Today, in fact, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide production, according to the United Nations Environment Programme – more than international flights and shipping.

Polyester, a different form of plastic derived from oil, has overtaken cotton as the backbone of textile production. Textiles made from polyester and other synthetic fibers are a major source of microplastic pollution, which is particularly harmful to marine life.

Most common fashion trends
• Oversized everything (baggy, loose clothing trends)
• Comfort Zone

• Durable and eco-friendly material

• Second-hand Clothing

•Eco-friendly Fabrics using biodegradable materials
•Capsule Wardrobes
•Upcycling Old Clothes
•Renting Clothes
•Local Fashion Brands
•Fashion on Demand

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