The fashion industry causes a lot of pollution in the environment. It produces huge amount of carbon emissions and also pollutes the oceans with micro plastics. Fashion is not just about ramp walk, it is also about polluting the pathetic working conditions.

Fabrics made from Fibers, including many garments made from polyester, have higher carbon emissions than cotton. The total greenhouse gas emissions related to textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion stone annually.

The textile industry is the second largest polluter of local fresh water, one of the main factors contributing to this industrial pollution is the excessive production of fashion materials, the use of synthetic fibers.

We always fill our wardrobe with clothes to look our best. But after some time we stop using those clothes. As the level of consumption increases, so does the level of production. Those clothes contribute to resource pollution and waste pollution as most of these items will one day be thrown away and I have seen people burning biomass piles.

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