Shiprocket is an e-commerce shipping solution that aims to reduce shipping costs, improve shipping quality, automate shipping activities and provide better customer experience. The flow begins with the users selecting the desired shipment and then choosing the appropriate courier partner. They can track shipments in real-time after they are packed and shipped.

To start using Shiprocket, the first step towards shipping your products is to process the order. Shiprocket also gives you an efficient platform to manage your orders and ship them with ease. In order to process the order successfully, you need to follow certain steps to avoid any additional hassle. How to Leverage Shiprocket for ecommerce Business.

Want to order manually

You need to list your products on channels like various marketplaces like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Zoho Commerce, Amazon, eBay.

You need to pay attention to the import order

If you have multiple orders, you can use ‘Bulk Import Orders’ feature and easily import orders as .csv file. You can download the sample file to note the exact format for easy import of orders.

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