People who shop online love fashion in the ecommerce industry. The industry has registered a growth rate of online sales as well as more than last year (54%). If we look at fashion through the eyes of the customer, we can see the different stages. In fact, its navigation path typically begins with online reviews, passes through brand-owned channels (websites, apps, etc.), but eventually ends with in-market purchases.

Delivery: In the fashion world, perceptions of the shopping experience keep changing: the focus is no longer on the brand and its values, but on the delivery of the product. This means that, in converting interest into purchases, distribution has a special significance.

Packaging: Marketplace has been instrumental in raising expectations on delivery. Indirectly, the same shock wave has also affected the packaging.

Massive competition:Competition is also expanding because of players entering the market at the international level.

Fashion e-commerce has always been able to play an active role in which marketplaces and brands work closely with each other.

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