Today marks two years since the pandemic rocked a fashion industry that was already grappling with digital, ethical sourcing and eco-friendly products. A lot of outfits cancelled fashion shows and seasons and they even removed the 2020 shows. In addition, it was impossible to see a large amount of losses due to order cancellations.

Retail companies were hit hard by the COVID-19 season calendar. In this way, finally the fashion industry started functioning with less production and the already manufactured products were also used.

Fashion resale

Having already sold a product in a market once and being able to resell it is a very complicated task. The fashion resale market is one of the fastest growing consumer-driven sectors today.

Fashion logistics worker

In the fashion industry, workers are usually paid per piece produced. Due to the halt in fashion logistics and production, major fashion brands and retailers cancelled orders and stopped payments for already placed orders.

The future of fashion logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all sectors of the textile industry, from factories to shops and suppliers. In addition, any type of product should lead to an easier route to the end consumer.

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