If you also want to start your own apparel business, then you can start a retail shop in today’s advanced technology both online and offline. Before you get your business off the ground, you’ll need to think about how you’ll sell your products—that is, do you have an offline store and an online shop, or a mix of the two.

Benefits of an online store

Low upfront cost: To set up an online E-commerce store, you need to set up a website. To build a website, you need to buy a website domain and spend on hiring a web developer. On the other hand, to set up a traditional retail store, the cost usually includes rent, furnishing, staff and utilities.

 Focus on convenience: Online stores offer customers the freedom and convenience to shop from the comfort of their current location. Considering today’s fast-paced lifestyle, this feature may make the shopping experience more appealing for some consumers.

Advantages of offline store

 Physical Location: A physical store showcases your brand. Since your store has a permanent address, it serves as a constant reminder to customers to come when they are around.

Shopping experience: Some buyers do not like to shop from digital screens due to lack of physical experience. In a physical store, you can upgrade racks, flooring, fragrances and other aspects to make the environment more welcoming.

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