If you prefer a job with a lot of diversity and have a strong focus on working with the public, retail management may be perfect. Owning or operating a retail business is one of the riskiest steps you can take, but with the right vision and leadership, it can be a successful venture. Many people who strike out on their own — whether it’s building a business like a cafe, a used clothing store or a specialty store — start by working for other people in retail.

Many people also stay with companies but move up from sales positions to management ones, which offer greater pay and more autonomy. And in today’s retail economy, all of these practices apply to online sales, as well. Fortunately, fashion marketing and management have lots of career options—and now more than ever school programs are geared to provide a well-rounded education.

Making the right sale

  • Basic steps for success in retail management are:
  • A strong grasp of sales principles
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing trends
  • Strong customer service support
  • Knowledge of management and accounting
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