It’s actually hard to believe but it’s true, at the time of such a pandemic, fashion trends are still ruling the market.
Marine Serre, a designer of Vogue recently said,” It’s quite stormy right now, yet we have to see a future in that. It’s about finding ourselves there—understanding it and embracing it.”
Here are some top-notch trends hitting the fashion streets.

  1. Skirt-Suit Nation
    It’s the masculine pantsuits of recent seasons and now it has been upgraded and replaced by smoke ladylike material. The credit for this great artwork goes to Hedi Slimane at Celine. Hedi is the person who makes a design related to the French upper-middle-class and adds it to the collective brains.
  2. In the bubble
    The dress is about combining unusual fabrics with an old school sense of couture. It gives the protective shape of a cocoon. Think of it as a new take on circular fashion that envelops the body, paying homage to Romeo Gigli and Cristóbal Balenciaga along the way.
  3. Slinky overtakes sexy
    The dress took the attention of everyone sitting there. The attention was actually on the wearer.A model wearing a dress with no accessories, nothing extra. Just a woman modestly dripping in
    sparkle. The most interesting take on after-hours impishness came in the form of a full-coverage dress.
  4. Coats to shag in
    Even with the climate crisis heating our planet, coats were seen as an important point of fashion. There were hand-knit cardigan coats from Dolce & Gabbana, limoncello wraps from Jil Sander, pastel poufs from Saint Laurent, and woolen puffas at Yeezy, proving there will be a
    snuggly piece of outerwear for every style, every look, and every mood.
  5. Built-in-baubles
    An amazing solution where only one garment can do the work of a top, necklace, belt, and
    brooch. Chains, petals, and crystal necklaces were fused into the garment.
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