Talking about fashion magazines, these magazines are the path towards all luxury fantasies. If you notice inside a fashion magazine, you could notice that it’s actually a bundle of consumerist dreams, sandwiching glossy images of models and superstars.

Ever assumed how much these fashion magazines charge per advertising?

Magazines are considered as one of the most expensive advertising methods one can choose. Even some big brand fashion magazines charge from $20,000 to $50,000 just for watches and perfumes.

Current Fact!

Currently, fashion magazines are being forced to deal with reality as because:

  1. Many magazines which are published every month are usually produced a few months before they hit the newsstand.
  2. Another current situation is that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were unable to publish their monthly magazines which means they are unable to hit the readers through newsstands.

What are they doing?

Laura Brown (InStyle Editor), said a few days ago, “ Offering some escapism and glamour is still important but I’m less paranoid now about getting celebrity for cover or a product exclusive.

Readers are saying they want to see the everyday women currently doing extraordinary things being celebrated and we need to show that we are listening to them.”

So, she published a digital copy of magazines online. So that readers can still be able to read magazines whenever they want by just a click.

Is this idea really working?

Readers are least interested in reading and paying attention to online magazines. By the statement “readers are least interested” it almost means 50%.

At this time editors haven’t been able to shoot their own creativity and editorial content at a normal speed and volume. As because of the pandemic, it’s been tough to travel and work together in close quarters.

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