Why Luxury Brands Aren’t Giving Up Fashion Month?

It sounds quite shocking but it’s actually true. Major luxury houses are moving ahead with plans of live fashion shows in September 2020. Despite COVID-19 uncertainty, they are ready for live fashion shows.


No, it’s not confirmed directly from luxury houses yet but there are many sources confirming this statement. Many major European brands recently indicated this statement at a conference. These major European brands seem to have a plan that more local fashion week is much better than no fashion week. They are moving towards these local fashion weeks with the assumption that models and editors within Europe and the UK will be able to attend. The other assumption that the guests from the US and Asia likely will not be able to make it is confirming this local fashion week statement. 

Statement of Betak

Alexandre de Betak, a producer, and the owner of a fashion week organizer company. He owns an agency known as Bureau Betak. 

In a press conference, he said,” Brands will make greater use of live streaming and other digital tools. He further added, Integrating tools with in-person events already sounds great. 

Online-only hasn’t managed to create the same excitement so far as a live show. It can’t compete with the adrenaline, the momentum. It’s very contradictory, but the excitement comes from watching something you were not invited to.” 

Some major brands like Burberry, Fendi, etc said a statement a few days ago which suggests that now brands want to move away from online events as soon as possible. This statement doesn’t even mean that they will end their digital engagement with end customers, that will always be the key strategy for them. Now brands seem convinced that physical fashion shows are more powerful and much required. 

According to these indications and statements, we are soon going to see more updates on live fashion week. 

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