When you think about what it’s like to work in the fashion industry, I bet one of the very first things that comes to mind is everyone running away from Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly character in The Devil Wears Prada. But the fashion industry, while it can sometimes be cut-throat, has a lot to offer individuals that are passionate about fashion. With perks such as travel, glamour, and high-income possibilities, a life in fashion is anything but traditional. Here are some of the very best aspects of working in the fashion industry.

1. Tons of Creative Fulfillment

One of the more obvious and most enticing features of the fashion industry is that there is no shortage of room to be creative. Whether you’re working in design, photography, or even retail, creativity is at the heart of what you are doing. So many aspects of fashion are quick-moving and ever-changing, which provides a lot of opportunity for new ideas. Trends are constantly created and re-created and fashion changes as quickly as the seasons, the industry is completely fueled by creativity. If creativity is something that you absolutely need in a workplace, the fashion industry may be a great fit for you.

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2. Networking Becomes Second Nature

A huge aspect of the fashion industry is networking. Since a lot of work in the industry is often contracted, who you know is everything. Being a part of this social industry will teach you how to expand your circle and maintain relationships that are both professional and personal. While fashion industry recruiters are there to help you get in the game, networking will be a huge part of staying in the game and getting where you want to go. Even if you only work in the fashion industry for a short period of time, networking is a great skill that can be taken with you to any career.

3. Cool Free Stuff!

While it’s unlikely that your employer will just be tossing out free Saint Laurent purses like candy, working in fashion, it is likely that you’ll get some cool giveaways and dope discounts. NYC fashion recruiters can help people find positions in departments like merchandising and ecommerce which often provide the opportunity to deal with a lot of samples that never get sold. These are sometimes up for grabs! New brands are also notorious for sending free products to stores, influencers, and companies that they want to use, promote, and possibly sell their item. And if you get the privilege of attending the fancier events like high-end fashion shows, there are often swag bags filled with amazing goodies for you to take home.

4. Travel

Since fashion involves a lot of collaboration, it naturally can involve a lot of travel as well. Depending on what your position is and who your clients and collaborators are, you may have opportunities to travel all over the country and even all over the world. From photoshoots to fashion shows to product sample meetings, there is always a reason to travel in the fashion world. And who wouldn’t love that! If you’re searching for a career that gives you an opportunity to see and explore the world, fashion may be a good fit for you.

people walking5. Parties & Social Life

If there is one thing that fashion-enthusiasts know how to do—besides dress amazingly well—it’s party. A job in the fashion industry can also mean parties, parties, and more parties. (This is also most likely where all of that networking will be done, so don’t skip out on the social stuff too often!) Since a huge part of fashion is viewing and displaying clothes, what better way to do it than at a party? Between brand launches, seasonal collection reveal parties and fashion show after-parties, you will become well acquainted with the after-hours social scene. It can be quite glamourous and fun! Don’t have too much fun though—you have work tomorrow!

6. There Will Never Be a Boring Day

If the idea of sitting in an office from nine to five makes you want to cry, then consider working in fashion. Things may get intense with deadlines and late nights, but you will never have a boring day. There are thousands of designers, trends, models, and more to keep track of and new ones breaking onto the scene every day—you’ve got to stay well-versed on all of the different facets of the industry if you want to make it far! NY fashion recruiters are sure to remind candidates of how demanding and fast-paced the industry can be before helping them find a position.

7. Glamorous

In addition to an extreme love for clothing and textiles, glamour is what usually initially draws people to the fashion industry. They are wowed by the beauty, the luxury, and well…the glamour of it all. As a person working in the fashion industry you are very likely to be exposed to models, high-end designers, and other high-profile celebrities who can be very exciting to rub elbows with. Being on a set of a photoshoot and getting to witness firsthand the process that the models go through is also an exciting feature that is exclusively unique to the fashion industry.

drinking party8. Challenging

In an ever-changing industry like fashion, it’s no surprise that the competition is never-ending. Brands are constantly competing to have the best product, to have the best look, and the most original pieces. While this can be daunting for some, this is the best part of the fashion industry for others. The challenge of coming up with new ideas on a regular basis keeps industry participants fresh on their toes and doesn’t give them an opportunity to be bored. The fashion world is all about looking for the next best thing and there is absolutely no time to waste. There is definitely a “work like you’re already too late” mentality.

9. High-Income Possibilities

If you find your niche, put in the time, build your network, and work your hardest—there are definitely opportunities to make a substantial income. Remember there are so many different positions that retail job recruiters can help you find in the fashion industry. It’s not all just designers, runway models, and high-fashion photographers. According to Mashable, Instagram influencers and bloggers with a large following have the possibility of making up to about $11,000 per post depending on what brands they are promoting. TheRichest.com reported that make-up artist Sam Fine charges a minimum of $3,500 per day for his work.

office corner10. Diversity & Tolerance

For the most part, the fashion industry recognizes that diversity is the key to the best type of creativity. When you have different people, they come with different perspectives and as a result have different ideas. Fashion, in many ways, leads the world in diversity and tolerance. Case in point, CoverGirl’s new commercial features a man wearing their products. New York retail recruiters are always looking for diverse candidates to fill positions. Working in fashion also allows you to meet so many different types of people with different backgrounds, which is always a great thing.

As you can see, the fashion industry is a lot more than just running around trying not to get a disapproving look from Meryl Streep. The perks and positives of establishing a career in the fashion industry are endless. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling, challenging, and diverse environment, the fashion industry just might be the place for you.


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