The mere difference in choosing any recruiting agency and the fashion network agency as your recruiting partner is the transparency they provide in terms of experience. Also, the expectation level we set up for each candidate to prove their potential is something you will not find in any other recruitment firm.

That’s why you always get the top-quality candidates from us. We’re Saving you both time and money hassle-free.

Every detail matters:

Be it within either a Fashion, E-commerce, or Retail company (Large or Small); Sorting through the many many unqualified resumes that leads companies to interview a large pool of candidates. Spending lots of time doing so and unfortunately many ends up hiring candidates that are either irrelevant to the business profile or spending that valuable time and never find the candidate they’re seeking. Both are a waste of time and money!

At the fashion network, we have years of experienced professional headhunters who search for only the best qualified, experienced, and relevant people sourcing from our many vast networks of candidates. Our search starts with;

  • Doing proper research on the current job order;
  • Going through each candidate profile and choosing only the relevant ones to move forward.
  • Speaking numerous times ensuring they have the character our clients expect. 
  • Then we start the process, starting with an in-depth interview to access different levels of experience candidates have pertaining to the open job profile.

Now, before starting all this, we make sure that we understand everything from your side. For that, we first set up a meeting with your recruitment head/owner and discuss each detail of your job requirement. From the beginning of this to the end, everything will be taken care of by a single individual, who will take full responsibility for the hiring process.

Wrapping Up:

Getting involved in the hiring process is not as easy as it seems. But thanks to our Fashion headhunters, and their unparalleled recruitment experience which always makes the relationship between the recruiter and our clients professional and friendly. We are glad that over the 20 years at the Fashion Network, we were able to find great candidates that bring good fortune to the organization we work with.

One more thing, as we are going through a tough time, where offline interviews are not possible at this moment. We are conducting online interviews for our clients through telephone, Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. So, if you are looking for new opportunities or planning to hire new candidates for your firm; You can always reach us at

Stay Safe and Save lives. This will pass too.