E-commerce has experienced explosive growth in the last decade. As a result, more customers are shopping online than ever before, and companies are rushing to meet the growing demand.  Here are some trends to watch if your fashion business will need skilled fashion retail staffing in the near future.

Social Media and Apps Are Playing a Big Role

Today’s shopper is using social media and apps to find out more about products before they purchase them. Sites like Instagram are used frequently by customers who are seeking information about what others are buying.

What’s interesting about social media is its addictive quality; users keep returning to social media to see what’s happening. This has caused many fashion brands to shift their focus to these sites and create apps that allow for instant access to the latest trends.

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Social media and Customer Service

With social media being a trend that shows no signs of slowing, many companies are turning to these platforms to provide a brand new level of customer service. Social media sites are, effectively, communities where customers can reach a company and get an almost immediate response.

That being said, social media provides a great opportunity for a company to provide proactive customer service. In order to do this, you will need employees with intimate knowledge of social media to connect with your customers and give them the answers they seek.

More Warehouses Mean More Talent Needed

With the increased demand for products being generated by apps and social media, companies are responding by building warehouses and delivery systems. All are using automation in some way or another, but this by no means indicates that humans aren’t needed.

In fact, more warehouses and delivery systems require more humans. However, these new employees need to be highly skilled to work with the technology that these new systems use.

Finding People with Special Skills

Today’s fashion employee is fluent with computers, knows how to navigate social media like a pro, and is happy to answer customer questions and deal professionally with problems should they arise.

They also have the skills needed to navigate a modern warehouse, picking orders and shipping them for fast delivery to your customers. Of course, your employees will need to possess an enthusiasm and passion for the fashion industry and be able to recommend the ideal products for your customers.

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Staying Ahead of the Game

If you need talent to work in your fashion retail business but are struggling with processing a large number of candidates, you may need a retail recruitment agency. The same is true if you’ve been searching for what seems a very long time to find the right people to work for you.

The Fashion Network can provide the solution. We not only have extensive networking connections but know which people are best suited for the roles you need to fill. Our experts know how to find the best talent when you need it. Call 212-575-5898 to learn more.

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