Earlier this year, fashion shows across the world unveiled new looks for the 2014-2015 Winter season. Though 90s-inspired crop tops and sportswear separates stole the spotlight throughout Spring/Summer 2014, winter looks call for a return to simplicity. In the coming months, styles will be bold, yet slouchy, with many menswear-inspired pieces. Color palettes will sway in favor of monothematic knits and darker shades, a contrast from summer’s bright patterns.


To keep warm and look great this winter, turn to a tried-and-true cold weather favorite: the sweater. This year, sleek yet androgynous knits are popular, from wooly pullovers to ribbed turtlenecks. Look for neutral colors like winter whites or soft beiges to keep this look current, and remember that sweaters are a staple that go with nearly everything. We’re still seeing trendsetters look flawless when pairing long knits with leggings and boots.

Above the waist, silhouettes should be loose and breezy to match the trends of the season. Seek slouchy but tailored tops such as “boyfriend” button-down shirts that appear totally effortless.

Have fun with far-out styles, but remember that this winter is a return to somber pieces, as a whole. Tuck summer’s bright tops into storage – they won’t layer well this winter. Trade playful hues for grown up, professional shades fit for the closet of a NY fashion professional. This year, traditional winter colors like black and brown seem darker than ever. If black is already overtaking your closet, switch things up with strong shades like jewel tones – oxblood and emerald look great for Winter 2014/2015. Plus, with military-inspired looks on the rise, other palette options this year include khaki green and tan or dirty beige.

A great way to diversify seasonal tops and sweaters is with cold weather wear, and this year, outwear is polished enough to wear indoors. Fans of spring’s sportswear trend will rejoice, because athletic jackets will stay current this season as well. To upgrade your collection, replace bright coats with more subdued shades, and of course, shop around for extra layers to keep you warm.

Other styles of outerwear are big this year, such as flowing knit dusters and quilted blanket coats. If opting for a larger-than-life top layer like a calf-length quilted “duvet” coat, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple. You can always compensate by accessorizing with a pair of animal print booties worn with a long sweater coat.

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Need something to pair with a new knit sweater? Don’t reach for that maxi skirt. Though this skirt length has made a major comeback in recent years, it’s finally time to say goodbye. This winter, mod-inspired mini skirts are back, with hemlines straight out of the 60’s – and the patterns match, too. Though winter is traditionally a time for toned-down shades, pops of color are acceptable this year. The more psychedelic, the better: think Pucci-inspired patterns and big, bright geometrics a la painter Piet Mondrian.

If mini skirts aren’t your thing, midi-length cuts work this season too. This style is best with feminine silhouettes, like a 30’s inspired fishtail skirt in wool or tweed. Midi skirts are flattering on women of all ages and look great with a sweater or knit top.

When the temperature drops, you’ll need an arsenal of stylish pants to keep legs covered. Skinny jeans are starting to lose their relevance, and 80’s-style business wear is highly preferred this season. This includes pants with extra fabric, like a slight flare or even a menswear-inspired trouser.

Occasionally, the clothes of an era will reflect popular culture of the time, and that is no exception this winter. Inspired by recent fantasy films and television shows, new styles blend military uniforms with futuristic touches, like dark green trousers with lacing. Shop for looks that are professional, yet whimsical. You can always tone it down with basics and accessories to prevent looking like an extra on a Hollywood set.

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Since the summer, trendsetters have been finishing outfits with comfortable shoes like sports sandals that originally gained popularity in the 90’s (think Nike and Adidas flats with a ‘massaging’ footbed). Summer 2014 also made tennis shoes chic again, with women seeking candy-colored sneakers that look just as right on the streets of New York City as they do at the gym. Tennis shoes even made a comeback paired with dresses and skirts – a trend that rarely comes around.

The shoes of Summer 2014 were casual, colorful, and often low-heeled. This winter, however, put your best foot forward in edgy styles with height. Stilettos are always fashionable, and this year we’re seeing luxury retail outlets carrying sky-high heels adorned with textural animal prints and tweeds. For a daytime look, mary jane-inspired pumps are also big this year. Look for block heels in metallic and jewel-toned shades.

Boot lovers will be happy to know that the ankle bootie trend of 2013 will continue into 2015 with no signs of stopping. However, this year’s ankle boots have a new edge. Trade last season’s casual cognac boots for a pair that’s way edgier. We’re seeing a lot of black boots this year, especially decked out in metal hardware, from zippers to studs and buckles.

With style cues from past decades, modern art, and even popular culture, there are several inspirations to draw from as you prepare for winter with a closet overhaul. As the weather turns colder, trade neon crop tops for androgynous silhouettes in neutral colors. As a whole, style grew up significantly between summer and winter, with heels gaining inches and clothing seen in roomier, modest cuts.




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