We live in an increasingly online world. Consumers expect to be able to find just about anything they could need or want – from home goods to toys to fashion – and have it shipped to their homes with the click of a few buttons. Considering the major opportunity that the internet offers for business, fashion brands that choose not to sell online are missing out on a major corner of the market. These are the reasons why clothing brands should get online, as well as the top platforms to sell fashion online. 

Why Fashion Brands Should Be Selling Online

The online shopping world is booming. The proof is in the numbers: 96% of Americans shop online, and half of online sales are made on online marketplaces (such as Amazon or eBay) – and that number is expected to continue rising over the next few years. Some smaller brands do like the idea of only selling their clothes in local stores – it helps them maintain a feel of exclusivity. While this certainly is a reasonable branding approach, this also means that they are missing out on the millions of people who could be directed to their store online. Selling online allows businesses to connect with customers who would otherwise never see or purchase clothing from a certain brand. It can be the difference between a good fiscal year and a fantastic fiscal year. By taking advantage of the opportunities that online selling offers a business, brands can take their business to the next level. Thankfully, the process of selling fashion online doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a variety of top platforms to sell fashion online that make it easy for businesses to take advantage of the internet.


eBay is one of the original players when it comes to selling clothes online. There is a range of types of users who sell on the website. Some individuals successfully sell designer clothes online by using eBay, while many fashion businesses establish brand profiles to sell their own creations. The site has more of a reputation of individuals selling their own goods (like used clothes), but it is also one of the top platforms to sell fashion online for fashion businesses looking to get their products on the internet. You’ll find major brands that have set up their shops on the online marketplace, like Nike, Eddie Bauer, Puma, The North Face, and Lucky Brand – just to name a few.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be one of the top platforms to sell fashion online for local businesses. The platform is centered around finding goods for sale in your area. Many individuals use it for selling things like furniture, but businesses can link up their Facebook business page and sell their products through the marketplace. It will help you reach new customers and make sales, and increase brand awareness in your area – a win-win situation. This can be particularly useful for brands who are still looking to maintain a feel of exclusivity. Also, while there is an emphasis on the local market, consumers from all over can find your listed products, as well.


Consumers love to browse Etsy for unique and beautifully crafted goods, making it one of the top platforms to sell fashion online. There is a particular emphasis on handmade artisan goods, making it an excellent spot for smaller brands to sell their clothes. There is also a strong offering of vintage clothes and accessories on the site, making it a great option for those looking to sell designer clothes online that are vintage. In 2018, there were 39.4 million buyers on the site, so you’ll be able to reach out to a ton of potential customers.


In general, Instagram is a great tool to boost brand awareness and connect with potential and active customers. Companies can post photos of their products and communicate to viewers what their overall brand looks like, as well as pay for advertisements. However, one of the most powerful direct selling tools is the “Shop Now” button and “View Products” tag. Businesses can add the button to the bottom of their posts so that customers can buy what is shown in the photo. They can also add a tag directly on the photo to show what each product is, as well as the price. It cuts out any searching that customers have to do, making it easier for them – and more likely that they’ll actually complete a purchase. Considering the millions of users on the app and the multitude of ways businesses can use it, Instagram is one of the top platforms to sell fashion online.


Like Instagram, Pinterest is a great platform for fashion businesses, as it is highly visual and gives you an opportunity to establish the look and feel of your brand for potential customers. Pinterest has a similar shopping feature as well that can be incredibly beneficial for businesses. The platform has a feature called “Buyable Pins”. Users can click on a pin featuring purchasable items that they are interested in, and will be led to a site where they can purchase the items featured.


If you are using Instagram to promote your business and connect with customers, Yotpo is a great additional tool to add to your arsenal. Yotpo builds an online store built around the photos in your Instagram profile. You are also able to customize the online store, adding additional product photos and more information. You are provided with a link to your unique online store, and can put the link in your bio for customers to click. When they go to the link, they see your Instagram feed and the purchasing information about the products you’ve posted. Like Pinterest “Buyable Pins” and Instagram’s buttons and tags, it takes out the searching process for customers, making it far easier for them to purchase what they want – making Yotpo one of the top platforms to sell fashion online.

Selling fashion online is practically a necessity for businesses that want to thrive in today’s economy. Thankfully, the process of establishing an online store doesn’t have to be complicated. With the variety of platforms available, businesses can easily integrate their products into an online store to connect with customers nearby and across the globe.

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